Author: Monica

What is gonzo porn?

The porn industry is continually evolving and bringing in new forms of smut to it. Other times, they are adding new categories or styles. For instance, MILF, Mom and Step Fantasy are genres spawned in the adult world. They have all become very popular and managed to find their way into the mainstream world. This…
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How to watch VR porn

Viewing porn and masturbating to it has never been better thanks to new technology. Virtual reality is taking porn viewing to the next level. That level is the person feeling and thinking that what they are viewing is real. More importantly, that they are part of it all. Virtual reality porn is by far the…
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Celebrities who leaked nudes in 2018

The full list would go on and on. Our short version features unexpected entries like Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman) and Halle Berry.   Wonder Woman Gal Gadot apparently decided to put an end to the rumors surrounding her not-so-impressive cleavage. She’s been battling them ever since donning the superhero outfit in the blockbuster movie, tolerated…
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